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Pennies for Patients

Pennies for Patients, a Great Success at HISD!
Learning that Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children, adolescents and young adults under the age of 20, our Pioneers Youth Leadership students, Emma Laseter and Jaydyn Gillham set out to help fight against these blood cancers by partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s to collect funds for “Pennies for Patients.” Pennies for Patients is a two-week program during which time the Hubbard Elementary, Middle, and High School students collected change to help raise funds for all children suffering from leukemia and lymphoma. At the end of our fundraiser, we raised a total of $916.59 between all three campuses!! It was a great success this year, and we hope we be able to more than double it in the future. We were so excited to partner with HISD classes again this year. We awarded one class per campus a pizza party for raising the most money. They were very motivated and got really into it. The winning classes included Mrs. Riddle's and Mrs. Taylor's second grade class for the elementary, Coach Kettler's sixth grade class winning for the middle school, and the Junior Class taking the win at the high school. “This was so fun to organize, and I hope we can do it again,” stated Emma Laseter, freshman Pioneer at HHS.

Mrs. Riddle's and Mrs. Taylor's Second Grade Class

Coach Kettler's Sixth Grade Class