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Engagement Rating Tool  

Texas law now requires that each district evaluate itself and each of its campuses on programs that are not being reflected on the state’s accountability system.  The online evaluation tool, CASE Solved, will help give recognition to the great things that are taking place in public schools and assist in collecting feedback from the community and students on various programs.

Survey must be completed by: May 26th, 2017

Engagement Rating Tool

To begin the evaluation, click on the link above and follow these steps:

  1.    Click on "Evaluator - Sign Up"
  2.    Enter the Hubbard ISD county district number which is: 109905
  3.    Click "Check District"
  4.    Click on the campus name you are evaluating.
    1. Hubbard HS
    2. Hubbard Middle
    3. Hubbard ES
  5.    Enter you email address.  
  6.    Choose a Password.  
  7.    Click "Crate Account" in the bottom right corner.
  8.    Click "Start Evaluation" in the top right corner.
  9.    Begin the evaluation:
    •    Slide the evaluation tool from "0" to "10" to indicate your belief in the success of each program with    "10" being the highest.  
    •    The evaluation should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

If you need assistance, please contact:

      Donna Vardeman – Elementary – (254) 576-2359
      Dr. Joseph Ferguson – High School – (254) 576-2549

The Community and Student Engagement Rating gives schools this opportunity to perform a self-evaluation by taking a close look at campus and district performance in 8 factors of community and student engagement and one factor of policy compliance. The 9 factors to be evaluated are:

  1.    fine arts,
  2.    wellness/physical education,
  3.    community/parent involvement,
  4.    21st Century workforce development program,
  5.    2nd language acquisition program,
  6.    digital language acquisition program,
  7.    dropout prevention strategies,
  8.    educational programs for GT students,
  9.    and compliance with statutory reporting/policy requirements.

Hubbard ISD values feedback from its community, and we appreciate you taking the time to submit an evaluation of various programs within our district as they relate to community and student engagement.

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